Materiały dydaktyczne

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Materiały dydaktyczne w ramach Szkoły Doktorów:

  • Processing and statistical analysis of next-generation sequencing data
  • Trees as bioindicators of the environmental changes
  • Deep learning in computer vision
  • Machine learning methods for complex data analysis
  • Biomaterials and materials applied for medical devices
  • Certification of medical devices
  • Statistics in biomedicine
  • Controlling of intracellular processes
  • Mathematical models in epidemiology
  • Convolutional neural networks in medical image analysis
  • Human balance and postural stability in normal and sensory conflict conditions
  • Geochronology and Isotopic geochemistry in global environmental changes studies
  • Mass spectrometry in environmental research
  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Mathematical modelling of heat transfer process in biological tissue with tumor
  • Welding technology with micro-jet cooling in Transport and Civil Engineering applications
  • Capture and recovery of energy – traffic and vehicles
  • Advanced research methods and modelling in means of transport
  • Traffic flow modeling in transport networks
  • Functional design of transport infrastructure
  • Exergy analysis in practice
  • Discriminant analysis of motion capture data
  • Acquisition and processing of motion capture data (part 1)
  • Regression models and feature selection

Wszystkie osoby zainteresowane udostępnieniem materiałów dydaktycznych prosimy o kontakt z Biurem Projektu.

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